Mar 13, 2018

Within the Competitiveness and Jobs Project financed by the World Bank, the Center for Advanced Economic Studies (CEVES) implemented the project Performance and Value Chain Analysis, which provided practical knowledge that were presented to the employees at the Ministry of Economy and the Development Agency of Serbia (RAS) in three training courses in the period March 5-15, 2018.

The objective of the training for the employees of the Ministry of Economy and RAS is the transfer of knowledge, expertise and experiences that CEVES employees have applied and gained during the work on Performance and Value Chain Analysis of Selected Sectors. CEVES worked on value chain analysis of 12 sectors of the processing industry, after which 4 sectors were selected for which the in-depth analysis was carried out: Machinery and Equipment; Rubber and Plastics; Food Industry; Wood Industry and Furniture.

The topic of the first training was: The concept of value chains - understanding, developing and mapping. The goal of this training is to make the theoretical concept of value chains and the reasons why this concept is applied in analyzing the competitiveness of different sectors.

The topic of the second training was: Sources, methods of collection and principles of data interpretation. The goal of this training is introduce the data collection phase, the principles of interpretation of primary and secondary data.

The topic of the third training was: Tools and methods of value chain performance analysis. The aim of this training is to introduce the indicators used to make conclusions about the competitiveness of the sector and analytical logic of conclusions.

The topic of the fourth training was: Case study - analysis of the value of raspberries. The goal of this training is for participants to practically apply the acquired knowledge from previous training sessions and analyze value chains.