Sep 09, 2021

The Regional Development Agency Eastern Serbia (RARIS) presented the investment potentials of Eastern Serbia today, gathering on this occasion in Belgrade, more than 70 guests from the business community, representatives of foreign chambers of commerce, representatives of embassies of different countries in Serbia, business associations, consultants and other organizations dealing with investment promotion and direct investments. The Devolpment Agency of Serbia (RAS) presented the investment climate of Serbia and Eastern Serbia region on this occasion. 


Photo: RARIS

Mr. Radoš Gazdić, director of RAS, participated as a speaker and gave a presentation on the business and investment climate of the Republic of Serbia. He pointed out some of the key reasons for potential investors to invest in Eastern Serbia particularly, such as the availability of a skilled workforce, and diverse brownfield locations, especially locations related to spa and wellness projects. 

" Almost 60% of the new investments in Eastern Serbia is in the automotive industry, but still the great potentials for further investments are agri-food industry (food processing), tourism and spa&wellness projects", said Gazdić. As he said, 31 projects are being realized in Eastern Serbia estimated value of around $2 billion. 

Besides that, Gazdić emphasized extraordinary results Serbia has achieved during the last years when it comes to attracting and implementing the direct investment projects but also pointed out some of the challenges we are facing in that responsible task, in general, such as competition of investors in certain parts of the country and low unemployment rate which is great news for the country, but in some regions that challenge the availability of workforce. That is one of the reasons why Eastern Serbia has huge investment potential – it has brownfield and greenfield locations, a skilled and available workforce, and a good network of local suppliers. 

The event „Invest East Serbia“ has presented many potentials of this region, among which are 32 possibilities to invest which include investment locations, industrial zones, projects related to the environment, food processing, tourism, spa and wellness capacities, chemical park, etc. Some of those projects are industrial zones East and West; construction of the touristic complex on the mountain Stara planina - „Jabučko ravnište“ and hotel „Banjica“, Production space – old factory of IMT in the municipality of Knjaževac, Chemical Park „Prahovo“ (Negotin), Industrial zone in Boljevac, touristic complex and hotels „Turist“ and „Zdravljak“ in Sokobanja, Gamzigradska Banja – spa& wellness potential, and so forth. 

The event was organized by the Development Agency Eastern Serbia, and besides Mr. Gazdić from RAS, the speakers were also Mrs. Anne-Kristin Piplica, director of the Economic department of German Embassy, (presented investment potentials of Eastern Serbia from the German perspective and support which Germany is giving constantly), Mr. Vladan Jeremić, director RARIS who spoke about the investment advantages of Eastern Serbia, and the major of the municipality of Knjaževac Mr. Milan Đokić presenting his own experience working with and supporting investors and investment projects.  

RARIS has launched a new website INVEST EAST SERBIA where you can find all necessary information about investment potentials, locations, etc. of this region. 


Photo: RARIS