Johnson Electric

General information

Johnson Electric Group is a leading world supplier of innovative motion systems and components applied in a large number of industries. It employs more than 40 thousand people in 23 countries. It is vertical integrated global production with a global production capacity of over one billion pieces and sales of 3.2 billion USD.


Serbian plant

Johnson Electric Niš is part of Johnson Electric Group. The plant in Niš produces electromotors for all industries, primarily automotive.

From the opening in September 2014 until today, the plant in Niš is continuously developing and today it consists of 23,000 m2 production hall and over 1,700 employees.

The company has mastered the process of plastic injection molding, stamping, coating, turning, die-casting, PCBA production and thereby vertically integrated the largest part of the production of the components.

JE is investing in future staff by actively cooperating with the technical faculties and technical high schools through professional practice programs and through the dual education system.

The fact that Niš is a university center, the abundance of skilled workforce, and its geographical position within Serbia and this part of Europe, was crucial to Johnson Electric's decision to position their investment here.

“Our decision (invest in Serbia) was based on a high confidence to find a very motivated and skilled workforce, to have optimal logistic conditions from and to the other European countries, to develop an intense cooperation with technical schools and universities, and to build a strong partnership with national and local authorities.”

 Mr. Laurent Cardon - Senior Vice President, Global manufacturing Johnson Electric

(The road from new investment to one of the largest exporters was intense and challenging. If we were to point out the factors to which we owe our business success, the support and active approach of the Government of Serbia and the local community would certainly be one of them.)

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