A new beginning for Budimka plant: Symbol of Serbian successful future

Jun 12, 2020


Fruit processing factory Budimka from Pozega, known as a successful brand in the period of ex-Yugoslavia, today officially re-started production. The factory was sold at a public auction last year to Serbian company ITN GROUP, which is in the business of innovations in agriculture and frozen vegetables.


ITN Group invested over 5.5 million euros in the reconstruction of Budimka. Currently, it employs 48 people, intending to reach around 150 employees in the future. This factory will produce 50 final products mostly intended for export.

„This re-opening is the great success for Serbia, Budimka is back. From the symbol of failure, Budimka became the symbol of the rebirth of the economy, a guideline for the future“, said the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic during the visit and opening of the plant in Pozega.

The President explained that Budimka had a 20years-old struggle, which is the reason why this new beginning is important for the entire country, especially because Serbian investors very ready and decided to implement this project.

Executive director Budimka, Aleksandar Markovic exchanged the MoU signed with several agriculture producers, along with the MoU signed with the Pozega Agricultural School defining the cooperation within the Dual Education Program. The ITN Group intends to invest in the future and knowledge of young people by implementing a dual education process.

Director Markovic mentioned that his company has 3 decades of experience in agro-business has recognized the potential of Budimka brand and set it as business and strategical challenge to be developed further.

„In the last few months we have done a lot – we have reconstructed 18.000 square meters of the production plant and working spaces of Budimka, built new infrastructure and new water and gas supply. Now we employ 48 people, and we plan to invest 7 million euros more in Budimka and create 150 new jobs. Furthermore, we intend to create long term cooperation with 3,000 domestic agriculture producers“, said Markovic.

ITN Group is known for Agribusiness Engineering and Development, as one of the leaders in the region of the Western Balkans. ITN Group was established as a family business in 1992. Formed with a vision of modernization and increase of efficiency in agriculture and food industry - ITN Group today is considered a regional leader in: Distribution of specialized machinery for agricultural producers - ITN AgroTech, Processing, packaging and distribution of frozen fruits - ITN Eko Povlen, and Engineering, procurement, production and installation of complete equipment for the food and beverage industry - ITN FoodTech.


      Photo: Tanjug/Rade Prelić; Budimka Pozega