Automotive manufacturer Konig Metall starts production in Serbia

Jun 09, 2020


German automotive manufacturer Konig Metall opened a production plant in Serbia, in the municipality of Ivanjica. 


The investor has chosen Serbia for the new factory for several reasons, but mainly for an optimal business environment, good infrastructure, especially the gasification process implemented in Ivanjica which will make easier the production process.

Konig Metall facility in Ivanjica of 5.000 square meters 120 people will be employed in the initial phase, while employee numbers are to be gradually increased by time, up to 350. 

This is another German investor who decided to invest in our country. Luckily for Ivanjica and entire Serbia, today we gained a serious and responsible partner. Investment projects of this kind are extremely important for us as a country because they have a significant effect on our economic growth”, said the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Ana Brnabic while attending the opening ceremony. 

Managing Director at Konig Metall Hans Jorg Leuze emphasized while the company has been doing business all around the world, they have never been welcomed as they are in Serbia. 

From the very beginning, we received significant support from the Serbian government. The economic environment here is good, and we hope that this cooperation will be the reason to be proud of both countries – Serbia and Germany”, concluded Jorg. 

For more than 100 years, the KÖNIG METALL Group has been machining sheet metal, tubes, and pipes to customer specifications at 7 sites worldwide for the metal and electronics industry, automotive, silencer, and airbag industry, for mechanical engineering and various other sectors. The company employs over 1.500 people, and around 95% of their products are made for the automotive industry. 



             Photo: Tanjug