Factory H&S Fruits from Arilje will export products to Russian and Japanese market

Jun 08, 2020


Fruit processing factory H&S Fruits is under construction in Arilje, and the production is expected to start this autumn. It is a joint project of Serbian company „Stanic doo“ and Hungarian „Horizon Food“. Moreover, the investment project is a result of broader cooperation between two governments – Serbian and Hungarian.


H&S Fruits is six million euros worth investment in the food processing industry, which will open at least 25 job opportunities.

Furthermore, production will focus on fruit products, such as jams and juices. The factory will have a capacity of 12 tons per hour and 120.000 jars of jam a week.

During the visit to the factory, last weekend, the Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Barbnabic, said the goal for the company in Arilje is to have production, processing, a whole chain of suppliers, and for the Hungarian partner the goal is to provide markets for export.

As Prime Minister said, the focus of the export of this company's products will be on the Russian, but also on the Japanese market, which, as she assessed, is extremely demanding.

The investment project is the result of cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Hungarian Government, as well as cooperation between the Development Agency of Serbia and HEPA - Hungarian Export Promotion Agency. The cooperation is based on Memorandum signed in 2018 in Budapest, after a joint session of Serbian and Hungarian government.


        Photo: Tanjug/Zoran Zestic