Director RAS for CorD magazine: We expect further growth of investments

Feb 28, 2020


In an interview for CorD magazine’s special edition Japan published this February, director RAS Mr. Rados Gazdic emphasized impressive results Serbia achieved in 2019 when it comes to foreign direct investments (FDI). Moreover, he expressed expectations for further growth of investments, primarily in electronic, automotive and food sectors, as well as tourism and ICT. In general, the Development Agency of Serbia estimates growth in projects that imply high-tech processes and capital intensive investments, stated Gazdic.

                                        Foto: CorD magazine 

For the Development Agency of Serbia (RAS), and first and foremost for Serbia, 2019 was another very successful year, at least if we look at inflows of FDI. In total, in 2019 Serbia had 3.8 billion euros of FDI, compared to 2018, which was the most successful year to date, and 3.496 billion euros FDI in that year, this is a remarkable growth. 

“Specifically, during the last year, there were some major, strategically important and technologically advanced projects announced and initiated, such as MTU Aero Engines AGBrose, Linglong Tire, ZF R&D, Barry Callebaut, Boysen, Minth, Yanfeng, Feka Automotive, etc. In the new year, the launch of works or even production lies ahead for some of these projects”, said Gazdic to CorD magazine. 

He also mentioned the plans Development Agency of Serbia has for developing supplier chains and planned support to the SME sector for expanding export and connecting with the global market, as well as regional ones. 

Furthermore, given interview director of RAS stressed the importance of cooperation with international organizations, before all with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and a great success of the joint Mentoring services Programme for SMEs

The complete interview is available HERE or Online available CorD magazine edition.