Serbia made outstanding progress in the World Bank report

Oct 28, 2015

Serbia this year, according to business conditions, the World Bank - World Bank Doing Business Report 2016, found itself in 59th place, a jump of as much as 32 positions compared to last year's list. Serbia's progress in this business achieved the best position in the last nine years. Last year, Serbia was ranked 91st, with a special contribution to this result gave the two areas, issuing construction permits, and paying taxes in Serbia which is in the final year of the most advanced in relation to the 189 economies.

Serbia's progress on the list of the World Bank was assessed as good news and a positive signal to potential investors who are considering Serbia as an investment destination.

The WB Doing Business 2016 report states that the progress of 47 position in the area of issuing building permits contributed to reducing the costs of obtaining construction permits for seven times the high estimate for the quality control of construction and introduced the mandatory inspection of basic works. In the category of paying taxes, Serbia has progressed from 168th to 143rd place, and the success is a result of simplifying tax payment procedures for companies introducing electronic filing of tax returns and unified payment of taxes and contributions.

The first on the list of 189 countries in ease of doing business is Singapore, followed by New Zealand, Denmark, Korea, the Special Region of China Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and others.

The full report World`s Bank Doing Business 2016 report can be downloaded here.